Welcome to Royal Boer Goats!

Updated May 11th, 2013 

Check Out Kids For Sale!!! 

Boer Goats in Minnesota for sale, through out MN, Wisconsin, Iowa. We have  kids, doelings bucklings, spotted, red, wethers, 4-H, doe, buck, tradtional, ABGA regsitered. Farm is located in the heart of Minnesota.  This beautiful farm is where you can find all of your Boer Goat needs!  We are tirelessly working to ensure only the best bloodlines are available.  All of the goats are child friendly and would make great show goats or even pets.  The grandchildren love to play with the goats and it is our hope that when they are older they will show them in 4-H.  The picture below is a perfect example of how friendly our goats are.  As soon as they here you approaching the gate they all come running and are ready to play!  phone or text (320)260-0320 or e-mail:  haymaker1958@yahoo.com 


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